Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Too much fun

So much has been going on since I last posted. I am finding it hard to keep up to date on my social media. Between Facebook, Instagram, the blog, Blue Thumb and my website there is not enough hours in the day to be constantly posting as well as working and making art.

I thought it was about time to post some recent stuff and happenings. I was in a recent group exhibition at B.S.G which was great fun. I purchased an amazing drawing by Tarn Watkinson who I adore!!

I am in the ever popular 40x40 prize and exhibition at the same gallery opening this Friday night 12th May running till the 2nd June. This is always a great night out and amazingly diverse exhibition.

Straight after that I am curating an exhibition themed 'Emotions have no gender don't lock your in the dark' exploring manhood and Men's mental health. Organised by friends and colleagues. An eclectic exhibition of works of all disciplines by many wonderful artists.

In August I have been scouted to showcase my work at a RAW event in Melbourne which I am extremely excited about. More info to follow. So yes it's been just a tad busy but I love it. I just need to sell more work so I can teach less and have more time for the making!!

                                                  'The End', mixed media on paper, 2017.

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